I would recommend the following procedure (Step 2 is only if you want to use a $100 Kids Voucher from Service NSW):

  1. Visit the Austinmer Surf Club website ( and identify the membership cost involved for you and your child / children – e.g. 1 adult (compulsory) $70 + 1 child $60 = $130.
  1. Create the Active Kids Voucher/s for your child / children.
  • At that site, you can then allocate $100 to the Austinmer Surf Club as part of your payment. NB: You can only make such payments from here to the value of $100. So if, for example, your registration fee was $220, you could use 2 vouchers for that. There are no refunds from this site for whole or part payments.
  • For payment of your remaining $30, go the NSW Surf Lifesaving site and pay there.
  1. Create an account.
  • Enter your personal Family information there i.e. about yourself and your child / children.
  • Make your membership payment here (e.g. $130 or $30 if you have used an Active Kids Voucher).
  1. Fill in the information there, including reference to the Active Kids Vouchers and the NSW Surf Life Saving site payment.
  • NB: During this process you will receive a number of email responses, verifications and receipts that can be helpful.

If there are any problems, please let me know.

Michael Organ

Nippers Registrar


18 October 2021