Nippers – Calendar

Nipper activity days are held every second Sunday starting at 9 am. Rain and wind doesn’t stop us – only thunder and lightning.

Uniform items  can be collected from the Clubhouse Friday October 16th (3:30-5:00);  Sunday morning 18 October  (9-10:30am) and Friday October 23th (3:30-5:00). Remember these sessions are for uniform purchase and pick up – registration must be done online.

Below are the dates for the Austinmer Nippers for 20/21. Also, the age group(s) are shown where parents are responsible for helping on the BBQ.

25th October

BBQ Duty 7's
17th Jan

BBQ Duty 12's & 13's
8th November

BBQ Duty 8's
31st Jan

BBQ Duty 7's
22th November

BBQ Duty 9's
14th February

BBQ Duty 8's
6th December

BBQ Duty 10's
28th February

Under 12/13's Sleepover

BBQ Duty 9's
20th December -
Nippers Xmas Party

BBQ Duty 11's + Others
14th March -

BBQ Duty 10's