A big thank you

Dear Austinmer Surf Club,

I have two reasons for being in touch

:First I would like to thank the Club for saving my life, along with my three sisters in the summer of

1940, to the best of my recollection.

Secondly to tell you what a great life I have had as an encouragement for the Club to keep up its excellent work.

The circumstances were that I turned up unconscious by the sea water rock pool and could not be resuscitated and therefor admitted to Bulli Hospital and put in an iron lung where I finally came round.

I just want to thank the Club for the good life I have had as a result of the then members’ efforts. I am now 83 years old, and my wife and I have just celebrated 60 years of marriage with our three lovely children and grandchildren. Wouldn’t have happened without intervention by the life savers.

Best wishes to all members sincerely,

J. David Deane

P.S. I am very grateful members saved my life all those years ago and hope the memory encourages members to keep up their good work.